Friday, 24 December 2010

call my bluff #2

This post is for those of you who find yourself with nothing to do on Christmas Day (i.e. none of you) and have somehow found your way here. Please accept my sincere apologies. There’s nothing happening here either. However, I have been informed by the management that since we have guests, it is incument on me to provide some entertainment. As you already know, I’m interested in all aspects of language, so I thought a little quiz would be in order. However, I’m not looking for the actual definitions, because I assume that these are all words with which you are completely unfamiliar. Try making up an amusing or otherwise apposite definition instead.
 1: What is a deadie?
 2: If you had been manted, what happened to you?
 3: What is a factaxe (British English spelling)?
 4: What is happening if you mollize something?
 5: What is a notivist?
 6: If you describe someone as duriatic, what are they like?
 7: What is a chipsure?
 8: If you describe something as plingent, what is it like?
If you come up with some good ones, please leave a comment. You can of course be reading this at a later date, but you can still join in the game. For background, you may want to read Call My Bluff, which will inter alia explain the origin of the words I’ve chosen above.


  1. 1. A pet name for a zombie
    2. I think that's a rather personal question, don't you?
    3. It is an event or bit of information that falls under the "stranger than fiction" category. "Sarah lost her faith in god when I explained the factaxe about Angler fish"
    4. You set it on fire. A slag term, likely derived from 'immolate'.
    5. Someone who consistently plays the role of devil's activist.
    6. Bed ridden
    7. A small piece of good luck
    8. I got nothin'

  2. Excellent Nanoinfinity. I wonder if 'slag' was a Freudian slip and you intended 'slang'. But slag is a byproduct of fire, so either would be appropriate. I like your etymological approach.

  3. You'll never know if that was a typo or if it was intentional ;)

    ... okay, it was a typo :(

  4. deadie...I remember it from the show Red Dwarf. A sort of derogatory term for a holographic being.
    Manted? stoned? is there a general atmosphere of debauchery involved?
    These are all words that I will try to bring into my daily diction, except, most of the folks I speak with daily, speak French....
    But on the other hand, I should do this with French slang!


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