Sunday, 9 April 2017

more from ghost alley

I cycle through the area I’ve called ‘ghost alley’ every Sunday (other sections of the ride are not feasible on weekdays because of the traffic), and although I don’t usually stop, I do look to see whether there is anything new. And today there was! I’d just entered the narrow alleyway at the start of what we might describe as the area of interest when I glanced to my left. This is what I saw:

Although I cannot be certain, there is a good chance that everything you see was painted in the past week. Here are closer views of some of the paintings:

I’d barely got back on my bike when I noticed that someone had been painting the house on the left:

Unfortunately, because of the narrowness of the alleyway, and the fence in front of the house, it isn’t possible to get it all in a single shot. The third and fourth photos are of the side of the house.

And this photograph of the side of the house shows its location in relation to some of the ethereal faces that give this place its name:

In Ghost Alley Revisited, I mentioned soft drink cans that had been split vertically every few millimetres then mounted in such a way that they rotated in the wind. Because they were suspended high above the path, I’d thought that they were some kind of Christmas tinsel, but they’ve since been installed near ground level.

This installation is located on the left where the initial alleyway opens out to become a typical country path (apart, that is, from the artwork), so it’s now easy to see what they are:

…and this is a close-up of part of a second installation a few metres down the path:

The identity of these objects as soda cans should be obvious. But look again at the first of the soda can photos. This is the artwork further along the wall:

I cannot be sure that it was the artist’s intention, but to me this is a superb illustration of the English proverb ‘when the cat’s away, the mice will play’.

There are two new features in the area next to the original painted house. The second of these is a signpost to Ping Che, a nearby village, and the ‘mural village’, which I suspect is the nearby alleyway I featured in Nature Trail.

Finally, here are a couple of images from the ground around the original painted house. Neither is new, but I haven’t featured them before, and I thought you might like them.

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  1. These paintings certainly reveal the joy of living with the nature. Reminds me the lyrics 'Birds, and the bees, the flowers and the trees...

    1. “O the birds and the bees, and the sycamore trees
      The rock-rye springs where the whang-doodle sings….”

      I know the one you mean!


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