Saturday, 1 April 2017

photographic abstraction #22

Having previously posted 21 collections of abstract photographs in this long-running series, I find that I don’t have anything new to say about either the photographs or the processes involved in producing them, so here is my latest collection.

In the previous instalment in this series, I complained that I’d been unable to discover any new motifs with which to work. However, I took the next photo just a few weeks ago, and although I usually crank up the contrast and colour saturation to create my pictures, this image has had no such treatment. Yet I’d be very surprised if anyone can tell me what it’s a picture of, other than the random maze that inspired me to call it No Way Out:

no way out

The next image in this collection appears to me to be three separate overprintings (red, green, yellow) on a blue background, suggesting some kind of three-dimensional map, hence the title:


I should probably have posted the next picture closer to the Mid-Autumn Festival, when paper lanterns are a traditional form of illumination:

lantern festival

Is the v in the title of the next image a misprint?

parallel lives

I don’t think that anyone will be in any doubt as to what this is a picture of, but I think that it makes quite a striking image:

spheres of influence

Finally, an image of flying creatures (?):

the flight of the cuckoo

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  1. The only one I even have a hunch about, is number 1. It looks like a dried up mud puddle, or a skim coat of something like plaster, peeling off a wall.

    1. Damn! It is dried-up mud. I’d just stopped for a drink of water while out on the bike when I noticed this in the ricer channel below. I took several pics.

    2. I’ll get you with my next collection though (hopefully). It’s already lined up!

  2. Okay, and maybe the last two.
    The last one is a mirror that has lost most of it's silvering.
    The next to last one is a cup of coffee?

    1. Close. The Flight of the Cuckoo is actually a stainless steel gate that has been partly painted over. Walk Like an Egyptian from Photographic Abstraction #10 is a different part of the same gate.

      I can’t actually remember what Spheres of Influence is a photo of, but coffee sounds about right.


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