Friday, 1 January 2016

photographic abstraction #17

There are no pictures of stained walls, ‘oil paintings’ or any other familiar motifs in my latest collection of abstract images. Instead, I’ve introduced some new motifs, although whether these work as well as the old ones is up to you, the reader, to decide. You may also wish to suggest alternative titles for these pictures.

The title of this first photo seemed obvious to me:

anger: the red mist

When I took the following photo, I had no idea what it would look like or what it might suggest, but once I’d taken a closer look, the idea of monstrous creatures occurred to me immediately:

creatures from the deep

The next photo is of the external wall of a shack constructed from galvanized steel sheets nailed onto a wooden frame. Whether that shack is actually a convenience is debatable, but the picture does remind me of a flag:

flag of convenience

I’d like to suggest that the next photo is of a gigantic wobbly jelly, although you will know that it’s actually something else:

good vibrations

The following photo suggests a blur of rapid movement, hence the title:


The final picture suggests to me a jumble of buildings piled one on top of another. Although I’ve given it the title The City Rises as a reference to the Futurist painting by Umberto Boccioni, it bears no resemblance to that work.

the city rises

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  1. These are splendid. What techniques did you use?

    1. Nothing fancy Peter. I crop the photo to the desired shape, then I crank up the colour saturation and the contrast, and, if necessary, reduce the brightness. The crucial step is in recognizing a potential image that will respond to this kind of treatment when I'm out and about.


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