Sunday, 1 January 2017

photographic abstraction #21

My latest quarterly collection of abstract photographs may be the last, because I’m running out of new motifs that I can use, and although I have done so in the past, I don’t want to post what are merely amorphous blobs of colour that do not suggest a concrete image.

The first photo in this collection appears to be of two humanoid faces, hence the title:


You might think that the next image is nothing more than the kind of ‘amorphous blobs of colour’ that I decried above, but to me the blue and yellow fragments seem to be of an object, possibly a light aircraft, hitting the ground with considerable force:


Everyone has their own ideas of what a ghost looks like, and you will probably disagree with my interpretation of this image, which reflects a kind of ‘Casper the friendly ghost’ stereotype:


The next image may be about as much use as a Google map for actually finding your way around, but it does show what seems to be a network of roads:

road map

This photo appears to depict a series of aerial explosions, which with the fire and smoke encroaching from the right immediately suggests a battlefield:

the fog of war

The final image reflects the kind of music I was listening to in the mid-1970s, music that I would probably find unlistenable nowadays. The title I’ve used is from an album of the same name by the Mahavishnu Orchestra:

visions of the emerald beyond

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