Sunday, 17 May 2015

quæstio ad libitum

I shall be jetting off to spend the summer in my home town in England later today, and as per custom I have a tricky question involving the kind of convoluted thinking that you have probably come to expect from my puzzles. I think that this one is easy though, so I expect someone to come up with the answer before I’m back online, which will probably be on Tuesday morning, depending on how much gin I drink en route. (Last year, as I disembarked from the plane in Manchester, three flight attendants told me that they’d never seen anyone drink so much gin before. Hey! It’s free.)

Anyway, here’s the question:
What connects one of the five beaches used for the D-Day landings in Normandy on 6th June 1944 to a royal album and a Japanese car model?
As always with this kind of puzzle, it will seem unfathomably abstruse until you’ve worked out which beach, etc., is the relevant one.

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  1. Ok. I know I am going to get this wrong but here goes...Gold. Gold Beach was a code name for one of the beaches. Royal album-gold. I have no idea if it links to a Japanese car model but perhaps they make one called gold or has gold. Now you may flunk me on the test, kind sir. It was great fun, however. I will check back for the correct answer.

    1. Ingenious Momma...but wrong. I won’t be posting the correct answer before the end of the month. Unless someone comes up with it first, of course.

  2. Still reading your blog and still enjoying it!

    1. Hi Keith. I’ll send you a PM via Ratz in the next few days (after I’ve got the gin out of my system).

  3. Replies
    1. Making some progress Oliver, but you still have quite a way to go.


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