Saturday, 26 September 2015

memory games #2

In Memory Games, posted earlier this month, I suggested a way to alleviate the tedium of commuting to work in trains so crowded that it is impossible to use a smartphone. Here’s another. This time, the objective is to produce the longest possible ‘story’ using only three-letter words. As the name implies, you have to commit the expanding story to memory.

Unlike in the earlier game, you are allowed to use words more than once. A dictionary is likely to be of little use, even if you could access one. This is what I came up with before I decided to stop and write it down:
His wig did not fit, was far too big and now hid one eye, but the old man did see his son hit the fat dog and run off via the red tin hut and the big oak. Why did the boy hit the dog? For fun, you may say, but yes his act was bad.

Yet the wee boy was not the one who hit the cat. The rat was the one who hit the cat, who ate the hot eel pie. The dog did not eat the pie, and the rat got the bag out for the cat.


  1. In Hong Kong there is no such thing as a train too crowded to use smartphones

    1. You should try travelling from Kowloon Tong to Fanling during the rush hour Peter. You probably won’t even get on the first train to come along.


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