Monday, 30 October 2017

disappearing world #5

It had always been my intention to continue my Disappearing World series once I’d returned to Hong Kong, but I hadn’t expected to start with the subject of this post. However, I visited the village of Nga Yiu with Paula on Saturday because we’d heard that a disused brick kiln thereabouts was now a roost for several hundred fruit bats (Nga Yiu is less than a kilometre east of Muk Wu, which was the subject of the first post in this series).

We didn’t find the kiln, but I couldn’t help but notice what appeared to be a traditional watchtower that was festooned with creepers. It had to be worth a closer look.

This is the view from the opposite side (because of the vegetation, it isn’t possible to take a meaningful shot from further away):

There is also a sign on this side of the tower warning people that if they choose to enter, they do so at their own risk (the sign is only in Chinese). The only way into the tower is from an adjoining single-storey building, and the next two photos show all too obviously the reason for the warning. The first was taken from outside and the second from inside the annex.

The floors and staircases of the tower itself were clearly made of wood, but they have now rotted away or—more likely—been eaten by termites. The only illumination is via tiny windows (three on both the first and second floors, one on each of three sides; there are no windows on the ground floor) and what would once have been a door onto the roof. I could therefore take the final two photos only by using flash.

In other words, this tower, which I surmise once served a defensive function in more lawless days, is now a ruin. I wonder how long it will last before falling down completely.

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    1. There must be some way outta here...

      I wondered if someone would quote Dylan.

  2. Worth taking a look, but don't trust that you can stay safe...


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