Sunday, 1 October 2017

photographic abstraction #24

My latest collection of abstract photographs features the usual mixture of old and new motifs. Further details follow each image.

bloody hell


Jigsaw makes use of a motif that I’ve employed previously on Blood, Sweat and Tears (Photographic Abstraction #16), Surface of the Moon (#18) and Sheep May Safely Graze (#19). If you compare these four images, you will see that this is probably the most versatile motif I use.


Leapfrog is the only photo in this collection to feature a completely new motif, and I’d be surprised if anyone can identify what it is actually a photograph of. I know, I’ve written that before and been proved wrong, so see if you can work it out.

naff giraffe

Naff Giraffe comes from the same source as Distribution in Photographic Abstraction #23. For the origin of these images, I refer you to the photo of the staithe featured in Photographic Highlights 2016–17. There are steps leading down to the water at each end of the staithe, and the side walls have the most amazing patterns, which I believe have been created by lichen.


I no longer recall where I took this photo, but I’m fairly sure that it’s an image of the staining on the exterior walls of a squatter hut.

the crystal maze

The Crystal Maze derives from the same source as Shattered Dreams (Photographic Abstraction #20). Some time ago, Paula and I came across a discarded car windscreen by the side of the road, and these two images are the result.


  1. it is getting a bit brain stretching to think the original of the photos.

    1. Well, yes, but that’s supposed to be the idea. What did you think of the images?


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