Saturday, 1 July 2017

photographic abstraction #23

In Photographic Abstraction #22, I suggested that I may have to discontinue this series because I’m running out of suitable images—I currently have only five lined up for the next instalment in the series. However, there are some new motifs in the present collection, which I hope you will find interesting.

The first image is of strips of paper glued to the outside of a squatter hut. I’d taken an earlier photograph of these strips that was more reminiscent of bridges than the one I’ve included here, but it was marred by a big black shadow. This is the unshadowed version:

bridging the gap

Although the next image is not of a squatter hut, it reminds me of a crowded squatter settlement:


I cannot look at the following image without seeing a demonic face, although I don’t think that anyone will guess what it is actually a photograph of:

demon possession

The following image features another new motif—the lichen patterns on the sides of the staithe that I included in Photographic Highlights 2016–17. It reminds me of a distribution network:


In trying to come up with a title for the next image, I kept returning to a song by the Bee Gees:

spirits having flown

The final image in this collection is a picture of turbulence, of instability, hence the title:


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  1. Impressive photos. "Spirits having flown" reminded me a little of a high-altitude landscape photo.

    1. It’s actually a photo of scum on one of our local rivers Big D.


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